Change Photo Background Online

Replacing bad background with good one in 1 minute (for newbies)

I'll make it short: you CAN replace background of a photo without the need of deep Photoshop skills. In fact, you don't need any photo editing skills at all. How is that?

"This photo is perfect except for background which is...". Well, let's say "bad". Have you ever thought like that? Probably, you even made an attempt or two to edit the picture with the ruined background in a photo editor, to no avail. Surely, not all of us are designers or at least IT savvy. So, here is a way for the rest of humanity to change the back scene of any photograph – the PhotoScissors online tool.

Step 1: Select the photo you want to edit

Open PhotoScissors online and click the Upload button then select an image file on your local PC. The program opens the image and displays it in the browser:

Upload image

The left part of the screen is for editing, while the right part displays the final result.

Step 2: Select the background and the foreground

Now, we need to tell PhotoScissors, where the background is. Normally, you would have to tinker with various selection tools, but in PhotoScissors the process is easier. Click the green marker tool on the toolbar and mark objects that are on the foreground. Then select the red marker tool and mark background objects the same way.

Simple, right? Green is for objects that should stay, red is for background you want to change. Note that as you mark the image with green and red tools, the preview at the right side reflects changes you make. By default, PhotoScissors applies transparent background to the picture:

Mark Foreground and Background

Make small adjustments to green and red zones if necessary. Remember, you don't have to paint the entire background with red, a few rough strokes is enough.

Step 3: Change the background

Now, to replace background of the photo, switch to the Background tab in the right menu.

On the Background tab, select "Image" in the dropdown, then click the "Select Image" button and select what image you would like to use as a new background.

Change image backgound

Nice! This background looks much better. And that didn't take too long. Finally, save the photo with the replaced background by clicking the Save button on the toolbar.

Try It NOW: Upload Image