Easy way to remove background from your photos with PhotoScissors Online

Make photo at any background

1. Load the image

draw some foreground and background

2. Draw some foreground and background and algorithm takes care of details.

tell where hair is

2.a (Optional) Tell PhotoScissors where hair is

background removed

3. Say goodbye to the background and save

Common mistakes and Background removal tips:

Don't Highlight

Don't Highlight

You do NOT have to carefully select the areas, just make sure that the red (remove) marker touches any colors that you want to become transparent and the green (keep) marker touches any colors that you want to keep.

Stay Within The Lines

Stay Within The Lines

Make sure you stay within the lines of the object you want to cut out. If you mark an area outside of the foreground with a green marker, a part of the background can be cut out as well. Similarly, don't mark red on the foreground.

PNG icon

Don't Highlight The Border of The Object

Hightligting the border between the background and foreground usually gives a bad result and does not give PhotoScissors correct information about how to remove the background.